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Borough Council

Borough Council

The Borough Council is made up of 6 members. The Council creates ordinances and resolutions as allowed by the Borough Code. They appoint all officers and hire all employees as well as fix salaries. Council appoints the solicitor, auditor, engineer and banking depositories.There is a Council President, who opens and chairs all meetings, a Vice-President who acts in the Presidents stead, and committees of Council delegated with tasks of Finance, Public Safety, Streets, Employee Benefits, Water and Sewer, Grants, and other issues. These committees meet on an as needed basis at the direction of the Council President.

The Wellsboro Borough Council meets the 2nd Monday of the month at 5:00 p.m. in the Council meeting room of the Borough Office at 14 Crafton Street.

WELLSBORO BOROUGH COUNCIL (6 Mbrs- 4 year terms)

A. Craig West- 12/31/25
B. Matt DeCamp- 12/31/25
C. Louis E. Prevost - 12/31/27
D. Michael J. Wood - 12/31/27
E. Rachel Smith - 12/31/25
F. Rhonda Pearson- 12/31/27


John E. Wheeler
14 Crafton Street
Wellsboro PA 16901
570 787-1942
Council Member:
Louis Prevost
20 West Avenue
Wellsboro PA 16901
Matthew S. DeCamp
13 Berwart Street
Wellsboro PA 16901
570 724 - 3440

Council Member:
Rachel Smith
27 Lincoln Street
Wellsboro PA 16901

Council Member:
Rhonda Pearson
2 Bacon Street
Wellsboro PA 16901


Council Member:

F. Craig West
90 Bodine Street
Wellsboro PA 16901

Chief Of Police:
James Bodine
28 Crafton Street
Wellsboro PA 16901

Council Member:
Michael J. Wood
11 1/2 Bodine Street
Wellsboro PA 16901
570 439-1348

Christopher Lantz, Esquire
19 Central Ave
Wellsboro PA 16901


Amy Kane Perry
14 Crafton Street