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Planning Commission


Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a 7 member Commission that reviews and makes recommendations to Borough Council on preliminary and final subdivision and land development plans. Ordinance Number 546 established the Wellsboro Subdivision and Land Development guidelines in July of 2000.

The Wellsboro Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance regulates the subdivision of land and land development in the Borough of Wellsboro, providing for the preparation of preliminary and final plans for such purposes requiring certain improvements to be made or guarantees to be made by the subdivider or developer, establishing standards for improvements and subdivision of land, regulating sale of lots, erection of buildings, laying out, construction, opening and dedication of streets, sewers, other facilities and public improvements in connection with subdivisions and land development.

The Wellsboro Planning Commission meets the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council meeting room of the Borough Office at 14 Crafton Street.



A. Ronald L. Comstock - 12/31/23
B. Mark Thompson - 12/31/25
C. Richard F. Black - 12/31/25
D. Kathy Eastridge12/31/25
E. John Sticklin – 12/31/2024
F. Dave Robinson – 12/31/2024
G. Bill Gerski – 12/31/2024